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July 15: What the hell happened? I have no idea, but I will try to get something up Wednsday. this is the flip side of having no strips done in advance.

July 11: Late, but by no means irredeemably so. It is a little rough, but it gets the idea across, and it's a little light hearted break from the seriousness of the last couple of strips. BTW, do write and tell me if you prefer the strips to be less / more serious.

July 6: OK, so there was a little "technical difficulty" with today's comic: ie it wasn't done until the last minute. I had simply ran out of ideas. It seems to be happening more often as of late.

Despite everything, I really liked today's strip. Edgy, isn't it?

As well, the hall of shame is back! Take another peak at my earlier, humiliatingly crap stuff, and be glad when my comic strips are late. Pray for the day I stop drawing. This month: University strips 2: when I failed to learn from my mistakes.

July 4: Monday's strip was a little rushed. So is today's strip, but it's a little more edgy. To be honest, I'm tired. Maybe I should wrap things up in a GA finale, but that shouldn't be for some time yet.

June 26: Today's sttrip was finished just an hour before the deadline. Speaking of which, all updates take place at midnight, GMT, which is like 7pm EST, I think. You Americans (that's 99% of you, methinks) can work it out yourselves.

I've made the strips bigger. Why? Actually it was an accident. I forgot the size of the original, having deleted the "resize" macro from Photoshop, and being too lazy to look it up rom past strips.

I love to draw Father Smiley's car. It's so cool. In fact, Smiley and Satan are two of my favourite characters. But where is Archangel? She hasn't been seen in a while.

Being the political radical I am, and needing to spread paranoia round the world, I highly recommend you listen to Noam Chomski (or Chomsky...). A few of his interviews and speeches are available as MP3 streams from Live 365. Search for "Chomsky".

Another cool thing: Mondo mini shows: Happy Tree Friends is cool! You will need to go to another site to see the shows (eg Lycos, which has all the Happy Tree Friends episodes archived). Beware, you will need a relatively fast connection for the flash anims, or some patience, but it is worth every second you wait.

Another cool comic: Rebus: Heroes for Hire. Needs flash, and some patience, but is well worth your time.

Some links!

Get with the Program has moved!

Boys & Girls Club: Guardian Angel makes a guest appearance!

Faraway Stars: I've always liked Sci Fi strips. It's not much to look at, but the story and writing are well worth it!

Ghost Hunters: Great manga art! And now with the correct URL!

Absurd Notions: Is back! after some problems, Kevin Pease managed to keep his site going by paying huge amounts to his site provider. Also read his 24 hour comic!

Teen Angel: Yes, it was probably drawn before mine, and I swear I did not know of its existence before I started GA. Check on weekends for the updates, or else just read the Nerdz comic that is usually up.

KeenVention: No nasty motel rooms! No quing for tickets! No driving across half the world! What arte you waiting for? Attend now!

Another comics listings: Yes, but this one is run by someone who is far too nice. Visit the Cartoonists' Connection for a list of other comics!

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