Artwork and bonus strips!

Well well well... and actual archives page, and a big calendar to boot! Here are some things to look at, too, just to show you how busy I've been, and hopefully I cna feel less guilty the next time I take an unannounced break. Being the sick little freak I am, some fo these images are not suitable for those with a sensitive disposition towards violence or nudity. Just a warning. I know people are now going to look at them, then write me: "You sick little freak, twisting the minds of our children with your dirt!" Oh, and some of this stuff has nothing to dowith Guardian Angel at all, so no worries there.

Bonus strips!


Dead Pokemon:

Have you ever been driven up the wall by that theme tune? Ever want to do violence to an insidious mascot of mass exploitation? I did, and I still do.

Ye Olde Guardian Angel:

Yikes! This is how the whole thing started. Old GA strips, when Suzen was a wee lass, going to school. I suppose it could still fit. Fourteen strips in all, it never finished. Maybe I'll strat ripping off jokes from it when I get desparate. I hope none of you will notice. Warning: Since I'm lazy, the strips are all on one page. It'll take some time to download.

And now, new and improved:

Ye Olde Guardian Angel 2

Hall of Shame: Monthly humiliation

This month: University strip 2

University strip 1

Why didn't anyone stop me!? Why!? I didn't have to draw these things, I wasn't forced to, but I did! Oh, shame!

Fallen Angel:

Yes, you've all seen this one before. I'm still putting it up. Warning: Containts nudity (gasp!). Now go gawk, my ill little friends.

Tinfishpics gallery:

A link, actually, to my fantasy art gallery. Due to this comic strip, I've not really been able to find time to do much more... ironic, n'est pas?


Yes, I'm very proud of the GA logo, actually. Here's a larger, high quality version. If you want to link to me, there's also a smaller button version. The feather was hand drawn, scanned in, and manipulated in Potatoshop. The font is New York, stretched slightly.

Guardian Angel ©2000, 2001 is by Bing Ho