Meet the cast


After her fall from grace, Suzen finds herself in the hospital mogue. She is no longer an angel, but has become a mortal. Satan is currently taking a keen interest in her soul. Her hair has grown much longer. Where did she get that new outfit and all the jewellery from? Welll, lets just say Valentines was very lonely for me, and leave things at that.


Seeing the poor Suzen lost and disorientated, Nurse decided to take her home to keep - as a pet. She could reasonably be described as being a touch on the wrong side of sanity.As yet very little is know about her, and that unfortunately includes her name, which I haven't decided on yet.


The head honcho, and Suzen's (ex?) boss. In charge of the affairs of various humans through her guardian angels, Archangel takes far too much pleasure in her subordinates screwing up. Her sadistic streak is a mile wide, and then some. No one is quite sure how or why she was chosen for her position, but everyone knows to steer clear of her whenever possible.

Father Smiley:

Charged with hunting down the "deviants" (ie our heros, Suzen and John Doe), father Smiley is perhaps a little too absorbed in his task to actually do the job properly. His strong sense of duty, however, does not allow him to give up, even if that means travelling from Heaven and Hell, though Purgatory, to Earth.


Evil incarnate, the embodiment of sin, and so on. Very little needs to be said about this one, except for his as yet unexplained motives in taking a keen interest in Suzen. He pops up unexpectedly to taunt her, and to flaunt his Tommy Hilfiger gear. I like my Satan. he is my favourite character.

Guardian Angel ©2001 is by Bing Ho