Ye Olde Guardian Angel

Something to keep you occupied while the page is loading. These are the first ten strips of the defunct old Guardian Angel, from which came the ideas to do the new strip. There are four more but they contain decent punchlines which I may decide to rip off later, so they're not shown here (I wouldn't want to preempt myself). You can see that the idea of a psycho boss / teacher figure remains with Archangel. I was thinking of continuing the strips, or to put them in as flashbacks to the current GA, but they would prove more of a distraction than anything else. In any case, the character designs have changed a lot (Suzen's hair changing colour might be one problem). Yes, the images are much larger, and have a lot more blank spaces. I had intended to design pages for 800 x 600, but then I thought about the poor folks stuck with older monitors. Anyway, apologies to those folks now - you will have to scroll sideways [Note: you can now see the rest of the strips here!]

Guardian Angel ©2000, 2001 is by Bing Ho